Sunday, October 7, 2018

Most of these children are growing up without nurturing, caring, nuclear fathering

A movement to blame guns for epidemic fatherlessness and other self created problems is a movement guaranteed to go nowhere.

You can pass anti gun legislation forever, and nothing will change the fact that most if not all of these children are growing up without nurturing, caring, nuclear fathering.  Until inner city fathers grow up and assume responsibility for any and all of their children nothing will change

Young people having children they are unwilling or unable to care for is a worldwide catastrophe that is skyrocketing due to skyrocketing third world life expectancy.

The plaintiff’s arguments are rooted in a growing body of research showing that children exposed to gun violence, even indirectly, suffer symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder, including restlessness and anxiety, at levels similar to those who have fought in urban war zones.  These children are also prone to falling behind in school, performing poorly on cognitive assessments, and having greater difficulty concentrating or caring for themselves, the research shows.
The plaintiffs are wading into uncharted legal territory. They seek to prove that children exposed to violence suffer impairments so severe that the state must impose tougher rules on the businesses that supply guns..........

Blaming others for self created problems is the guaranteed road to self destruction. There's a cultural dismissal of the critical role that lifelong nuclear parenting plays in the success of it's children.

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Family planning and free abortion will go a long ways towards nurturing the power of nuclear parenting and having wanted children

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