Saturday, October 27, 2018

Was shooter on meds? Most shooters are on meds and/or drugs and/or alcohol

Most shooters are on meds and/or drugs and/or alcohol

More often than not, the common denominator was that the shooters were on an antidepressant, or withdrawing from one.  This is not about an isolated incident or two but numerous shootings.  The question is, during the past twenty years is the use of antidepressants here a coincidence or a causation?  
There have been too many mass shootings for it just to be a coincidence.  Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed twelve students and a teacher at Columbine High School.   Eric was on Luvox, an antidepressant.  The Virginia Tech shooter killed thirty-two people and he was on an antidepressant.  While withdrawing from Prozac, Kip Kinkel murdered his mother and stepmother.  He then shot twenty-two classmates and killed two.  Jason Hoffman wounded five at his high school while he was on Effexor, also an antidepressant.  James Holmes opened fire in a Colorado movie theater this past summer and killed twelve people and wounded fifty-eight.  He was under the care of a psychiatrist but no information has been released as to what drug he must have been on. 

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Friday, October 26, 2018

The bomber's father abandoned him as a child

Yet another case where a troubled, unstable adult grew up fatherless

"..........A lawyer for the family of Cesar Sayoc Jr., the man charged with mailing explosive devices to several prominent Democratic figures this week, said Friday that Sayoc "found a father" ................................. while discussing the arrest of Sayoc, someone he said he had represented in past cases and whom he described as a "sick individual" who seemed "lost" and needed help.
"He was looking for anything, and he found a father ......" the lawyer said, noting that the man's father "abandoned him as a child" and "he was trying to create an identity."........."

More proof of the importance of the nuclear family and the critical importance of the nuclear father
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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Entitled elites are taking Germany down a path of self destruction that doesn't care about young women

Once again, elites are taking Germany down a path of self destruction while sitting in safety 

Germany will find it's problems multiplying if it gives in to the anti abortion doubletalk
It is high time that Germany scraps a 1930s law that forbids doctors from providing women with complete information on how to terminate a pregnancy

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Honduras doesn't care for it's young women

Honduras has draconian anti abortion laws that throw young women in jail

Honduras cares more for fertilized eggs rotting in their sewers than young women rotting in prison.

How many of these young women were sexually exploited and had no access to the heroes of family planning.   How many of these young women are now rotting in prison and their children are suffering from generational violence....... 

AGUA CALIENTE, Guatemala (Reuters) - Up to 3,000 migrants crossed from Honduras into Guatemala on Monday on a trek northward, after a standoff with police in riot gear and warnings from Washington that migrants should not try to enter the United States illegally.
The crowd more than doubled in size from Saturday, when some 1,300 people set off from northern Honduras in what has been dubbed "March of the Migrant," an organizer said. The migrants plan to seek refugee status in Mexico or pass through to the United States.
Reuters could not independently verify the number of participants, but images showed a group carrying backpacks and clogging roads near the border, some waving the Honduran flag.
The impoverished nations of Central America, from which thousands of migrants have fled in recent years, are under mounting pressure from U.S. President Donald Trump's administration to do more to curb mass migration.
"We are seriously concerned about the caravan of migrants traveling north from Honduras, with false promises of entering the United States by those who seek to exploit their compatriots," the U.S. Embassy in Honduras said in a statement on Sunday evening.
U.S. Vice President Mike Pence last week called on presidents in the region to tackle the issue, saying Washington would be willing to help with economic development and investment in return.
Guatemala said in a statement on Sunday that it did not promote or endorse "irregular migration."
Rows of Guatemalan police in black uniforms, some wearing helmets and shields, initially blocked migrants from reaching a customs booth, Reuters images showed. It was not clear how long the standoff lasted, but the group was ultimately able to cross, said march organizer Bartolo Fuentes, a former Honduran lawmaker.
A police official on site said all Central Americans could pass freely through the region as long as they complied with migration control.
"We're going to drop in on Donald Trump. He has to take us in," said Andrea Fernandez, 24, who left Honduras with a newborn baby, a 5-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son because she said she could not find work and feared for their safety.
Mexico's migration institute said in a statement on Monday that march participants would need to follow immigration rules to enter the country, without specifying the criteria.
"The law does not provide for any permission to enter the country without meeting the requirements, and then go on to a third country," the government agency said.

If not implanted, fertilized eggs rot with in a day or two. 

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Most of these children are growing up without nurturing, caring, nuclear fathering

A movement to blame guns for epidemic fatherlessness and other self created problems is a movement guaranteed to go nowhere.

You can pass anti gun legislation forever, and nothing will change the fact that most if not all of these children are growing up without nurturing, caring, nuclear fathering.  Until inner city fathers grow up and assume responsibility for any and all of their children nothing will change

Young people having children they are unwilling or unable to care for is a worldwide catastrophe that is skyrocketing due to skyrocketing third world life expectancy.

The plaintiff’s arguments are rooted in a growing body of research showing that children exposed to gun violence, even indirectly, suffer symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder, including restlessness and anxiety, at levels similar to those who have fought in urban war zones.  These children are also prone to falling behind in school, performing poorly on cognitive assessments, and having greater difficulty concentrating or caring for themselves, the research shows.
The plaintiffs are wading into uncharted legal territory. They seek to prove that children exposed to violence suffer impairments so severe that the state must impose tougher rules on the businesses that supply guns..........

Blaming others for self created problems is the guaranteed road to self destruction. There's a cultural dismissal of the critical role that lifelong nuclear parenting plays in the success of it's children.

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Family planning and free abortion will go a long ways towards nurturing the power of nuclear parenting and having wanted children

Monday, October 1, 2018

Seven people killed in Baltimore this past weekend

Seven people were killed and four others injured in nine shootings over the weekend in Baltimore, according to local reports, increasing the total of those killed in the city to 17 in the past week. 
The latest shootings took place across the city on Saturday and Sunday, with victims ranging in age from 22 to 46, The Baltimore Sun reported, adding that the killings brought the number of homicides this year in Baltimore to 231.

There is no doubt whatsoever that fatherlessness is a factor in most if not all of the shootings. 

Any and all antiabortion laws contribute mightily to the endemic fatherlessness that is destabilizing the world.

This is not about abortion, this is about anti abortion laws passed by clueless elites

Not for or against abortion, this is against any and all anti abortion laws .  Any and all anti abortion laws inhibit the medical community...