Sunday, September 16, 2018

Nuclear family

Throughout history and happiest most peaceful most productive subcultures have all been from the nuclear family and they produce the happiest most peaceful and most productive children:

Any and all anti abortion laws and anti family planning laws are the enemy of a happy society.  My misery index is skyrocketing just thinking about the dangerously disconnected and naive signers of anti abortion laws that do not live in the real world that our children are being exposed to daily.. Law enforcement needs to get out and stay out.

............Family structures of a married couple and their children were present in [Western Europe] and [New England] in the 17th century, influenced by church and theocratic governments.[5] With the emergence of proto-industrialization and early capitalism, the nuclear family became a financially viable social unit.[6] The term nuclear familyfirst appeared in the early twentieth century. Alternative definitions have evolved to include family units headed by same-sex parents[1] and perhaps additional adult relatives who take on a cohabiting parental role;[7] in the latter case, it also receives the name of conjugal family.[1]The concept that narrowly defines a nuclear family is; central to stability in modern society that has been promoted by familialists who are social conservatives in the United States, and has been challenged as historically and sociologically inadequate to describe the complexity of actual family relations.[8] In "Freudian Theories of Identification and Their Derivatives" Urie Bronfenbrenner states, "Very little is known about the extent variation in the behavior of fathers and mothers towards sons and daughters, and even less about the possible effects on such differential treatment." Little is known about how parental behavior and identification processes work, and how children interpret sex role learning. In his theory he uses "identification" with the father in the sense that the son will follow the sex role provided by his father and then for the father to be able identify the difference of the "cross sex" parent for his daughter.
Historians Alan Macfarlane and Peter Laslett postulated that nuclear families have been a primary arrangement in England since the 13th century. This primary arrangement was different than the normal arrangements in Southern Europe, in parts of Asia, and the Middle East where it was common for young adults to remain in or marry into the family home. In England multi-generational households were uncommon because young adults would save enough money to move out, into their own household once they married. Sociologist Brigitte Berger argued, "the young nuclear family had to be flexible and mobile as it searched for opportunity and property. Forced to rely on their own ingenuity, its members also needed to plan for the future and develop bourgeois habits of work and saving."[9] Berge also mentions that this could be one of the reasons why the Industrial Revolution began in England and other Northwest European countries. However, the historicity of the nuclear family in England has been challenged by Cord Oestmann.[10]As a fertility factor, single nuclear family households generally have a higher number of children than co-operative living arrangements according to studies from both the Western world[11] and India.[12]There have been studies done that shows a difference in the number of children wanted per household according to where they live. Families that live in rural areas wanted to have more kids than families in urban areas. A study done in Japan between October 2011 and February 2012 further researched the effect of area of residence on mean desired number of children.[13] Researchers of the study came to the conclusion that the women living in rural areas with larger families were more likely to want more children, compared to women that lived in urban areas in Japan...............

Naturally there are many variations and few perfections, but essentially the nuclear family dominating  is a society that will excel in every way

Is excelling about color or race?  Or exceptionalistic fathering? Or family structure?  Check out for yourself.  Put your finger on Google and you'll be amazed......


Saturday, September 15, 2018

All forms of polygamy and polygyny are violent and dysfunctional and hurt all women and families

Young women the world over understand how violent and repressive all polygamy is and it's primary role in fatherlessness, young males without women, and violence and misery
Kinshasa, Congo (PANA) — Nearly 1,500 women and girls aged between 20 and 60 years of the Democratic Republic of Congo have appealed to the their government to outlaw polygamy as criminal offence in the country.

The appeal was contained in a series of resolutions adopted at the end of a campaign for the popularisation of the family code held recently in Kinshasa.

At least 1,500,000,000 plus believe in various forms of polygamy
Of those there are at least
1,000,000 polygamous unions
1,000,000 ruling class alpha males
up to 4,000,000 wives (or more)
up to 3,000,000 (or more) excess throwaway low status young beta males that must be expelled from their homes in their most critical years on the path to responsible, high functioning adulthood
More or less THREE MILLION THROWAWAY MALES without women, without sex, without nurturing fathering, without their families.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Social pressure is a top factor in immature, illigitimate pregnancies

Social pressure is a huge factor for the young and outcast on the fringe of society and struggling daily to fit in.

There is enormous social pressure for all young and vulnerable who have no nurturing adults to provide guidance

Childhood is a time to learn reading writing arithmetic and social skills, not sexual skills.

The media used to provide remarkable social guidance in programs like "Father Knows Best"

Now the media appears to push lizard brain sex (here today and gone tomorrow) and drinking and drugs with no consequences, always blaming others..........

Any and all mature adults who exploit children and youths in any way shape or form for their own one sided gratification are paving the way for society to destabilize.  The harm done by the exploiters of children echoes down through the generations and snowballs.  Exploited children grow up to be exploiters in many cases.

There must be better guidance for the young and vulnerable in all societies

The problem is what and how

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Evidence that free abortions and free family planning and a total ban on polygamy will shrink gang warfare, violence, terrorism, poverty, and misery

A nurse in my family worked in a ward in pre abortion days full of young women with catastrophic wounds from botched home abortions.

Abortion is worldwide and no  laws on earth will change the daily catastrophes of young women the world over.

Any and all abortion laws are lipstick on the pig of poverty and instability  ( I love pigs, by the way, this is not about pigaphobia)

There is enormous evidence that free abortions and free family planning and a total ban on polygamy will shrink gang warfare, terrorism, war, poverty, and misery

A world where one adult to one adult monogamistic parenting dominates, is a world of happiness prosperity PEACE and stability

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The root cause of both violence and poverty is.............

The true cause of much violence and poverty is.............

The higher the rate of fatherlessness, the higher the rate of both violence and poverty

How Violence Causes Poverty

There are many who believe that violence is a result of poverty. But in reality, broken fathering is the cause of both violence and poverty. Gang warfare and violence in our streets is the result of the erosion of the mature father as a role model. Without the guidance of mature adult, nurturing, monogamous fathering, young people can’t make the right decisions for themselves – and, as an extension, for their culture – and the result is a breakdown in peace, prosperity and growth as a culture.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Kids in divorced, separated homes most likely to see violence

Children living in unwed-mother homes are more likely to witness domestic violence than children growing up with their married mother and father, says a new analysis.

The finding is counterintuitive since mothers who have never married would appear to be less likely to get into fights at home with someone.

However, data show that the rate of witnessing domestic violence among children living with never-married mothers was 116 children per 1,000, “six times higher than the rate for children in intact families,” said psychologist Nicholas Zill, who published his findings at the Institute for Family Studies in Charlottesville, Va., in January.

Some of the fights involving single mothers were with their new boyfriends or partners, rather than the children’s fathers, he noted.

Children living with divorced or separated mothers had the highest risk of seeing physical violence in their homes, Mr. Zill found. Among these households, 144 children out of every 1,000 were exposed to family violence.

Friday, September 7, 2018

How Ireland managed to make abortion legal and care for it's young women

Pregnancies, planned or unplanned, are a worldwide issue.

No law on earth is going to change any aspect of unplanned pregnancies.

How the unplanned pregnancies contribute to poverty, violence, instability, fatherlessness, will not be affected by any immature laws.  Putting young women in prison is beyond belief.

The list goes on and on........

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Kudos to Vietnam!

Hang in there, Vietnam, and work out all the wrinkles.

Don't let disconnected elites blame shift attention from the catastrophe of fatherlessness, and the worldwide plight of fatherless youth of every country on earth, to hysteria over fertilized eggs.

...In 1960s, the Vietnamese National Assembly adopted the Law on Marriage and Family which is based on four principles, namely: freedom of marriage; monogamy; gender equality; and protection of women’s and children’s rights.  By 1989, the Law on Protection of People’s Health was approved, affirming the people’s rights to choose contraceptive methods. Furthermore, it states that: “Women have the rights to have abortion; to receive gynecological diagnosis and treatment; and health check-up during pregnancy; and medical service when giving birth at health facilities.”...

Sunday, September 2, 2018

To all you residents of the Phillipines

To all you Phillipinos, the only way to fight separatism and terrorist grooming and violence and poverty and instability is to shrink the population of fatherless throwaways by:

.....ban all polygamy
.....legalize all abortion family planning for every single vulnerable

Violence will shrink like the rotten apple in the barrel.  Also the gap between the haves and the havenots will shrink as well

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Argentinian woman dies after botched attempt to induce a miscarriage

More proof that putting terrified women in jail for having an abortion is beyond reason...

Argentinian woman, 34, dies after inserting parsley stems into her vagina in a botched attempt to induce a miscarriage because abortion is illegal in her country

The woman, 34, suffered septic shock and a uterus infection and died in hospital

She was said to be scared to see doctors because she feared she would go to jail 

The 34-year-old, who was reportedly scared to see doctors because she feared she would go to jail, died just days after the country's Senate rejected a bill to decriminalise abortion. 
The mother-of-one, identified as Liz, placed parsley stems up her vagina in the hope of inducing a miscarriage but doctors said she suffered septic shock and a uterus infection.
She died in Pacheco hospital, local media said, in a tragedy which has sparked fresh protests about the country's abortion laws. 

This is not about abortion, this is about anti abortion laws passed by clueless elites

Not for or against abortion, this is against any and all anti abortion laws .  Any and all anti abortion laws inhibit the medical community...