Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The most unstable part of society always is.........

Throughout history, in every culture on earth, the most unstable chaotic area is the area of young unplanned pregnancies that often times results in fatherless, unnurtured frequently troubled youth.  How to deal with it has always been a problem and always will.

Out of touch with reality, naive elites passing unenforceable laws that just make the problem worse.
Will never ever do anything but increase instability and chaos.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Irish women are having abortions

".........Irish women are having abortions regardless of a near-total constitutional ban on terminating pregnancies.................."

Instead of passing laws that focus on the result, how about focusing on the cause?

Until parenting becomes  totally responsible, abortion will continue.  (Never going to happen, unfortunately).  The lesson from Irish women is that laws passed by disconnected elites are irrelevant in such a basic worldwide problem.

Disconnected elites would do far greater good by raising money for responsible fathering and parenting rather than raising money for a non issue.

Too little too late

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Promoting illegitimacy

The ongoing promotion of illegitimacy is beyond abhorrent not to mention irrational  to boot.  The destabilizing effects of illegitimacy go far beyond the event itself

Fertilized eggs are not eternal souls.

Trillions of fertilized eggs in the sewers of the world are not eternal souls.  If not implanted, fertilized eggs rot in a day or so

Mortality rate

In biblical times the mortality rate was off the charts.

Eternal soul

An eternal soul has a yesterday, and a today.

A fertilized egg has neither.

The fetus in the womb has neither.

The fetus in the womb is part of the mother's soul, part of the mother's breath, and part of the mother's blood.

The eternal soul enters the newly born body with the breath and leaves with the last breath.

No mention of abortion in Bible

There was no mention of abortion or birth control anywhere in the Bible.

 If an illegitimate pregnancy happened, frequently the female was taken out and beheaded.

 End of problem, big time.

Still happening today in immature societies

The eternal soul

The eternal soul always has been connected to the breath, not the carnal body

Soul connected to the breath

There is much biblical evidence that the eternal soul is connected to the breath, not the carnal body.


The fight against abortion has morphed into a promotion campaign for illigitimacy.  Nothing is more destabilizing than illigitimacy.  NOTHING!
The promotion of illigitimacy is turned into a money making campaign...
Time to let it go.

This is not about abortion, this is about anti abortion laws passed by clueless elites

Not for or against abortion, this is against any and all anti abortion laws .  Any and all anti abortion laws inhibit the medical community...