Friday, March 8, 2019

This is not about abortion, this is about anti abortion laws passed by clueless elites

Not for or against abortion, this is against any and all anti abortion laws.  Any and all anti abortion laws inhibit the medical community from helping those who need the most help, the have nots of the world

There is a world of difference between abortion talk  and anti abortion laws

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Monday, February 25, 2019

Only one way to get fewer abortions worldwide

Provide free family planning for everyone on the planet
Repeal all anti abortion laws, provide access to abortion for all, and term limits for all elected offices as well.

Guaranteed, the abortion rate would plummet as more and more young people take adult responsibility for themselves and stop being the victim.

The ripple effect would take place and the entire culture would stabilize and would find it's violence rate lowering.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Instability and unhappiness created by anti abortion laws in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has the highest birth rate in Asia...Birth control is not allowed and polygamy ensures many young males without any traditional access to women.

Many women resort to having illegal abortions

"I swallowed medicine to abort the baby," says a young mother. She is certain that she had no other choice. "My husband was in prison. 

Abortion is forbidden by law

Afghan women give birth to an average 6.5 children in the course of their lives. 

In many cases, the mothers are themselves still children when they give birth for the first time. 

The risks involved are very high: Afghanistan has the second-highest maternal mortality rate in the world. 

Women have an astounding lack of information

Afghanistan has the highest birth rate in Asia. On average, Afghan women have approximately six children over the course of their lives. Many women would prefer to have fewer children or even none at all, but they lack the necessary education to find out about the various methods of birth control.

 According to UNICEF, the United Nations children's relief organisation, 79 per cent of women in Afghanistan do not use birth control. 

Abortion is the only form of birth control that desperate young women have.

Because abortion is illegal and family planning nonexistent, the desperate young women usually turn to traditional midwives.

Many of the midwives are not very well trained and cannot treat bleeding or complications that may arise.

Elites with money turn to private hospitals leaving the havenots in desperation.

Women who wish to remain anonymous claim that it is common knowledge that many of these clinics perform abortions, even without permission, for large sums of money. 

Afghanistan has one of the highest maternal mortality rate  in the world. According to UNICEF, one Afghan woman dies every two hours as a result of complications during pregnancy.

Male gynecologists are not allowed, and there are hardly any female doctors.

Recipe for fatherlessness, violence, instability, low functioning and unhappiness..........

Saturday, December 22, 2018

When I started this blog, I had no idea of the catastrophic worldwide attack on family planning and abortion and resulting fatherlessness.  

As far as I can tell, there are no references to abortion in any mainstream religious texts. 

The catastrophic worldwide advance of all forms of tribalistic polygamy is spiraling out of control due to population explosion and the resulting expulsion of young males without women or sex or nuclear fathering.

It's not about race or teachers or police, our prisons are filling with fatherless youths.


Add to that the sexual exploitation and sexual violence of the young and vulnerable which is a generation curse that is passed down from previous generations and produces induced sociopaths that are filling the prisons of the world with troubled youths........time for children to have childhoods of reading writing and arithmetic and music and art and sports....not childhoods that provide adults with come and go sexual gratification.......

Good grief

Friday, December 21, 2018

More reason why laws will not solve the abortion issue

A surrogate who refused to abort a baby suffering a heart defect after his biological parents ordered her to do so has spoken out about the emotional rollercoaster she has been on, one year after she gave birth to the child.
Three-time surrogate Stephanie Levesque gave birth to a baby boy just days before Christmas on December 21, 2017 at the Medical City Women's Hospital in Dallas.
At her 16-week mark, doctors revealed the baby had been suffering a serious heart defect - when the biological parents demanded the surrogate abort due to the high risks.
Levesque, however, had completely opposite beliefs about the matter and ultimately refused to do so.

No laws on earth will never ever solve the messy, emotional, worldwide abortion issue, better left to the individuals involved, better left to personal responsibility,  messy though it is.

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Polygamy always causes instability

Polygamy causes poverty

Polygamy causes greatly increased birth defects
Polygamous cultures and subcultures are INCAPABLE of prosperity
Prosperity flourishes in the non violence of monogamous cultures and subcultures
The inherent violence and instability of all polygamous cultures and subcultures renders the society incapable of prosperity

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

If the US pulls troops out of Syria, guaranteed chaos and violence and instability and unhappiness will spiral out of control...

Birth control is a taboo topic in Syria

Polygamy is legal in Syria

Abortion is forbidden by law
An "induced termination of a pregnancy" is officially forbidden in Syria.

Although the level of maternal mortality in the country has decreased over the past ten years, it remains one of the highest in the world.

Polygamy is legal in Syria, no male doctors allowed and hardly any female doctors equals violence and  unhappiness

Guaranteed violence and unhappiness and instability and low functioning........

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Catastrophic global population increase that will skyrocket the destabilizing chaos of fatherlessness around the planet

Skyrocketing fatherless havenots will guarantee violence, instability, tribal warfare, poverty and, most of all, unhappiness

Appalling link to the despair of fatherlessness


Friday, December 14, 2018

Street kids are fatherless

Andrea is 9. Her father is dead. Her mother is pregnant, jobless and many miles away in a small town south of Caracas called Yare. Andrea and her cousins—Disbeth, 12, Jocelyn, 11, and Andres and Jose, both 8—come in by bus and subway on Fridays, sleeping for two or three nights on the streets of one of the world’s most treacherous cities. Their weekend jobs are to beg for food for themselves, abating the hunger that dogs them during the week, and for money to bring back to their struggling families. Sometimes Andrea manages to collect as much as 50 bolivars.
Street children have long been a cause for concern in Venezuela. Their numbers have ebbed and flowed with the economy, but it has never before been like this—never before with so many young kids, on their own, all over the city.

Sadly, they are fodder for the sex trade, the drug trade, and all around misery.

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This is not about abortion, this is about anti abortion laws passed by clueless elites

Not for or against abortion, this is against any and all anti abortion laws .  Any and all anti abortion laws inhibit the medical community...